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Quality Truck Covers in El Paso, TX

When you purchase tank covers, fender covers, and more from A & F Truck Art, you know that you can trust the quality of our products. Contact us today to learn more. We offer our truck covers in El Paso, TX, and beyond. 

Tank Covers

Tank covers are an effective way to protect fuel tanks from road grime, rocks, salt, and other debris. They are also a quick way to dress up your truck and save having to polish tanks. Our tank covers are constructed of high-quality vinyl with ½ inch-thick foam, and they are custom-made to provide a nice, snug fit. You can either cap the ends or run them up to the strap. (When determining size, measure around the tank (circumference not the diameter) and the length from the front to the strap.)

Tank Covers in El Paso, TX
Truck Covers in El Paso, TX
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Fender Covers in El Paso, TX

Fender Covers

Fender covers will protect your truck from rock chips and improve your truck's appearance. They are made of high-quality vinyl with ½ inch foam backing. To accommodate most trucks, the covers have a plastic "J" hook sewn into the material to hook to the outside edge of the fender. The vinyl is available in many colors. 

We have made fender covers for most makes and models, but sometimes we need your truck on hand to ensure proper fit during installation. We have a few models that we can ship because the fit is fairly standard. These models are the Peterbilt 379 & 359, Freightliner Classics, and the KW 900-L. Come by the shop and we will gladly install them for you!

Other Covers

Over the years, we have fabricated covers for winter fronts, battery boxes, fifth wheels, gear shifts, air breathers, closet covers, curtains, and door panels. Be creative and let your imagination be your inspiration, letting other drivers recognize your rig as you pass by. Using your design, we'll create the perfect look for you.