Custom Made Products by Kim Blakey Since 1995

A Variety of Truck Bug Screens in El Paso, TX

Save your radiator from debris with our bug screens, which are custom-made and available for trucks, RVs, pickups, and cars. These screens are made of vinyl-coated nylon mesh, with the borders made of high-grade vinyl. We offer truck bug screens in El Paso, TX, and beyond - contact us today to learn more!

Customize Your Rig

Truck bug screens have been our primary product for many years. Our customers are constantly asking about different ways to personalize their rigs, and this personalization helps them to be recognized by fellow truckers. The custom bug screen design often reflects their favorite teams or home state. This then becomes a conversation starter as they travel the country.

Available Colors

Many Colors of High-Quality Vinyl available. The actual colors may vary slightly, as they may appear different on each computer. The black screen holds up to the elements and stays clean the best, but we also have many other colors available.