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billboardA & F Bug Screens offers the finest selection of custom-made trucking bug screens, tank covers, fender covers and other covers for about anything imaginable for the professional driver. We also custom-make covers for RV’s. SUV’s, Pickups, Campers and Trailers. We also currently make screens for protecting oil-field drilling equipment.  Take a look at our gallery and you will see that we have many designs for all truck models. We will create the artwork for your favorite team, college or pro. We’ve done maps and other representations of most states. These custom covers signify your pride in your vehicle and your interests.

Kim Blakey owns A & F Bug Screens which is a small Custom Shop. His main priority is to provide the customer with a high quality product. He will Design your Bug Screen or Covers to your liking and it is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! All of A&F Bug kimatworkScreen products are proudly made in the USA.

Kim will install the screen or cover on your vehicle, or will ship to you if preferred. He has done work on many Show Trucks.

The shop is located at 11286 Stockyard Rd, El Paso, Texas – just behind the Petro Truck Stop at Horizon Blvd. We are right next to the Chrome Store.

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Pride in Our Work
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Bug Screens have been our primary product for many years. Our customers are constantly asking about different ways to personalize their rigs. The personalization helps them to be recognized by fellow truckers. The custom design often reflects their favorite teams or home state. This then becomes a conversation starter as they travel the country.

Bug Screens
bugscreensSave your radiator from debris. The Bug Screens are good preventative maintenance. We will custom make for Trucks, RV’s, Pickups and Cars. Our Bug Screens are made of Vinyl Coated Nylon Mesh. The black screen holds up to the elements and stays clean the best, but we also have red, white, blue and yellow. The borders are of high grade vinyl and can be any color that you want.

The price for a basic screen with no design is $45.00 plus $2.00 per letter to include your “handle” or phrase of some kind using our standard letters.

We can do your company logo, state outlines, state flags, cartoons or anything else you might want. Artwork is constructed of vinyl and sewn to the Bug Screen mesh. Artwork price depends on the detail. Check our Products area for ready-made bug screens of various designs for some standard vehicles.

Tank Covers
tanks2Tank Covers protect fuel tanks from road grime, rocks, salt and other debris. The are a real quick way to dress a truck up and save having to polish tanks. Tank covers are constructed of high quality vinyl with 1/2 inch thick foam. They are custom-made to provide a nice snug fit. You can cap the ends or run them up to the strap, Prices for tank covers are: Smooth $100.00 per pair. Quilted covers $110.00 per pair. Two color diamond or check $150.00 per pair. Measure around the tank (circumference not the diameter) and the length from the front to the strap. Notice the arrow indicating measurement method around the tank in the picture to the right.

Fender Covers
fenderFender Covers protect the trucks from rock chips and improve your truck’s appearance. They are made of high quality vinyl with 1/2 inch foam backing. To accommodate most trucks, they have a plastic “J” hook sewn into the material to hook to the outside edge of the fender. Vinyl is available in many colors. We have made fender covers for most makes and models, but sometimes we need you truck to install for proper fit. We have a few models which we can ship, because the fit is fairly standard. These models are the Peterbilt 379 389 & 359, Freightliner Classics and the KW 900-L. Come by the shop and we will gladly install them for you.

Other Covers
otherOver the years, we have fabricated covers for Winter Fronts, Battery Boxes, Fifth Wheels, Gear Shift, Air Breathers, Closet Covers, Curtains and door panels. Be creative and let your imagination of your truck’s appearance be your inspiration. We will use your design or custom design the cover for your desired look. Let the other drivers recognize your rig as you pass by.